The Light & Shadow Salon presents... Listening!

Doors 7pm - listening session begins at 7.30 sharp

£5 on the door

The Light & Shadow Salon presents... Listening!

by The School of Sound

Listen: to make the effort to hear something; to hear with attention

...It is rare to listen as a group. Whether at a concert or the theatre, in a cinema, facing some sort of screen or out on the street, we have images to keep our hearing company.

This is an opportunity for an audience to listen, together, without pictures. To immerse themselves in unfamiliar worlds and strange stories; to confront unexpected emotions, feelings, impressions; to share the unseen with those around you – all through sound.

Narrative, abstract, radio, sound art – LISTENING extends from documentary to the surreal focusing particularly on the voice.

Selections by Scanner, Piers Plowright, Alan Hall, Trevor Wishart, John Wynne, Antonin Artaud, Stan Freberg, the Firesign Theater, Werner Cee, Glenn Gould and others.

With Larry Sider, Mark Peter Wright and Annabelle Pangborn in discussion.

The School of Sound explores the creative use of sound in the arts and media. Since 1998, we have presented an international symposium and specialist workshops that investigate soundtracks and the relationship between sound, music and image.