The Light & Shadow Salon

Eine Kleine Nicht Musik and the Sonic Solarium


DOORS 5PM (6PM START) TICKETS £5 on the door

Look out your window on a clear day or scroll through an I-Phone - perhaps one and the same - you can see the pop culture icons of a few moments ago falling off the razor wire of grace by the dozens. Insulated by our mobile’s headsets and the psychosocial constraints that cloak we the people in culturally capitalistic cities of the now we wander. Who is re-directing the plastic arts into a neutralised oblivion leaving us searching for new sounds and visions? With the exception of some politicised moving image there is very little in the arts that truly takes hold of our attention, and radical subjectivity. Perhaps this is why there now appears to be a resurgence of actions, performance and Sonics.

Eine Kleine Nicht Musik and the Sonic Solarium is a 3 hour excursion into performance based Sonics. No structured compositions, eschewing clichéd melody and rhythm, unashamed spaced-out beauty, violent, spitting, droning, split collisions and oscillations of variable intensities, surreal audio objects, hate letters in sound to the media owned political bastards that bend us over the barrel, emotional out bursts in no discernible key, auditory poetic assaults, nervous tension song birds tweak the circuits of noise modulators, artistic frequency tantrums, the sight and sound of night and day, a psychedelic Docu-commentary.

Eine Kleine Nicht Musik and the Sonic Solarium is an evening, about a part of our reality implying a new kind of relationship between sound, composer and listener. A motionless yet accelerated minimalism shrouded in the mystery of duration, punctuated with filaments and beams of lens light, a portal, through which you can find a provocative history of alternative expressions, about how history repeats itself…Perhaps another depravity. Add it to you’re mind cart!

Sonics/Performance. Sets by: Bed Dataries, Zaraz Wam Zagram, Monochromoton (Tomaz Burlin), (Paris) Aqua Dentata, Michael Curran with Adam J Hilliker & Andrew X Gaston, James Holcombe, La Tinta Scala, Simon Tyszko (London)

Lenses. Oliver Bancroft, Louis Benassi, Mantas Salcius, Cinegeornale (1968)