The Light & Shadow Salon

Doors open at 7pm, programme begins at 7.30 sharp

(£5 entry on the door)



This merry month of May I am very excited to present you with a double retrospective by two women who have been experimenting with the moving image for a very long time, in the most interesting and eclectic of ways:


Jo Ann Kaplan is an acclaimed prize-winning filmmaker whose work has been exhibited in galleries, cinemas, festivals and on television worldwide for the past 40 years. Her work is marked by an extraordinary diversity of forms which includes animation, dance film, fiction, and experimental film, as well as documentaries and arts programmes. Inspiration for her work comes from equally diverse sources: the imagery of Georges Bataille, Robert Burton’s classic text on Melancholy, and the seminal films of Maya Deren. She has collaborated on film projects with writer Angela Carter, dancer Dana Caspersen of the Bill Forsythe Company, and with musicians including Alexander Balanescu, Keith Tippett, Kate and Mike Westbrook, Annabelle Pangborn, Thom Willems and Graham Hadfield.


Jo Wonder is a visual arts activist who uses work made from diverse materials, such as champagne wrappers or bacteria and poetry, to challenge established notions.

'There's no one way of looking at Jo Wonder's work. There's no one way of looking at anything! We only have to shut one eye and you get a different angle, turn our head quickly for another, so imagine (ha) what the brain can do through the lens of our perceptions, our values, memory, body and past. There can also be a backward telescopic journey into childhood, when our imaginations were quite erotic - as a part of our life force- at a time before we become erotic.' Jan Woolf

Jo Ann Kaplan and Jo Wonder will join us on the night to talk about their experience and answer whatever question their work might trigger in you, so I promise you a very special night indeed, I really hope you can all be there!

The evening will also feature a live music set by the extraordinary Miss Roberts of The Rude Mechanicals.


The Light & Shadow Salon is a place for artists, writers and audience to meet and share ideas about the past, present and future of the moving image in all its forms.

The Salon is a place for exchange, interaction and cross-pollination and it welcomes active contributions and interventions from all its participants.

The Salon endeavours to support a structured and informed dialogue around film, the moving image and all that it involves: from magic to science, from sound to the eye, from ritualism to storytelling, from myth-making to hypnosis.

The Salon intends to act as a temporary and ephemeral container  for all the work, ideas and people with an independent, radical and idiosyncratic nature, who renounce to find a home in existing movements/institutions but rather embrace the nomadic and transitory nature of art.

The Salon supports individual thought, inquisitive minds and a desire to further knowledge through dialogue and exchange.

‘So when you hear yourself invited to ‘see’, it is not the sight of this eye (of the flesh) that I would have you think about. You have another eye within, much clearer that that one, an eye that looks at the past, the present, and the future all at once, which sheds the light and keenness of its vision over all things, which penetrates things hidden and searches into complexities, needing no other light by which to see all this, but seeing by the light that it possesses itself.’ (Hugh of St Victor)