The Liberated Film Club


Doors 6.30pm

Entry by donation. All proceeds go to Horse Hospital (the last bastion in London's war on non-profit spaces).

Purge Cinema & The Liberated Film Club in association with Pillow Talk / Dry Hump magazine launch Schtinter's Liberated Filmmusic III and the final issue of Pillow Talk with a triple-bill.

MENWITHHILL (2010-14) by Schtinter & Susu Laroche... Masked men explore the territory formerly known as Menwith Hill, the world’s largest communications monitoring station, situated on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales.

THE PINOCHET CASE (2001) by Patricio Guzman... In September 1998, Augusto Pinochet (responsible for 'the other' 9/11) travelled to London on holiday. He was arrested accused of genocide, terrorism and torture. After 503 days in prison, Pinochet was released by Tony Blair's government on the grounds of 'ill health'. Patricio Guzmán offers the words of the women - victims of terror - who for the first time in 25 years are received and heard by a judge: Baltasar Garzón.

THE KILLING OF AMERICA (1981) by Sheldon Renan... Mondo documentary at its grimmest and most real; examining the decline of America through its killers. To this day, effectively unreleased in the United States and never before screened in the UK.

Introduction by Gareth Evans (film curator at Whitechapel Gallery).

6.30pm: Doors. 6:45pm: MENWITHHILL (5 mins) & THE PINOCHET CASE (110 mins). 8.35pm: Break. 9:00pm: THE KILLING OF AMERICA (90 mins).

Screening as part of Scalarama.