The Horse Hospital at St Georges Gardens

Friday 19th October8.15 - 8.45pm Magic Lantern: Michael Reeves Directs - by Mark Ferreli THE CHAPEL OF REST On the morning of February 11th, 1969, Michael Reeves, a young English horror film director, was found dead in the bedroom of his flat in Yeoman's Row, Knightsbridge, by his cleaning lady. The later coroners report stated that Reeve's untimely passing from an overdose of barbiturates was probably accidental, though most of the director's intimate circle, aware of his recent troubled personal history, believed he had commited suicide. He was twenty five. During the performance of "Michael Reeves Directs", a new work for the Victorian Magic Lantern conceived by artist Mark Ferelli, the gathering illumination of projected images, spoken word, and ambient sound, seek to summon the still resonant voice of the young director. All elements composing a haunting, elegiac portrait before its watching audience, there in a dark space. Ferelli's use of the Magic Lantern, an instrument once reaching a height of popularity in the 19th Century, represents the very beginnings of cinema, rich in its echoes of the 'phantasmagorie' of past Lanternist performers such as Robertson, Oehler and Phillipstahl. It is the almost ritualistic cycle of its operation during the twenty five minutes of the performance that governs the lyrical calling of his series of "apparitions" and their subsequent, gentle, lay to rest. Saturday 20th October 8.10pm - 9.00pm The McCarricks THE CHAPEL OF REST Performed by cellist Martin McCarrick ( This Mortal Coil, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Therapy?) and Violinist Kimberlee McCarrick. The McCarricks create a unique marriage between their dark, evocative music, and stunning projected imagery. The initial concept? to create new dynamic soundtracks for old silent movies shown in tandem with their music was hindered by increasingly restrictive rules on film usage. Undeterred, The McCarricks enlisted the talents of independent filmmakers to create new films specifically tailored for their music. The result is a startling display of abstract imagery and sound which transports the audience into a world where the boundaries between reality and fantasy collide opening a series of different dimensions and emotions. The historic Chapel of Rest in St Georges Gardens provides a wonderful setting for The McCarricks show. Like slipping down a rabbit hole, or stepping through the door of a wardrobe - the venue is diminutive, but once inside, expect to be transported to a larger than life world where slow motion contortionists dance atop towering skyscrapers, and nightmarish fairytale characters really do exist. Saturday 20th October 9.00pm - 9.30pm That Night They Said Was Last But Unfading - Tai Shani Please meet at the Chapel of Rest. Don't be late! A performance with rabbits, majorettes, lovers singing old world lust and revenge in the company of the ghost of Kurt Cobain. Like the smallest hamburger in the world! Tai Shani's performances unfold like recondite, foreboding school plays, over-spilling with familiar imagery and DIY chaos. St Georges Gardens, Handel Street entrance, WC1 PART OF THE BLOOMSBURY FESTIVAL