The Gluts – Gig and Premier of ‘The Gluts Go To Copenhagen’





Special Valentine screening and performance:

The Gluts – Gig and Premier of ‘The Gluts Go To Copenhagen’

“Responding to a global crisis by forming a girl band!”

The Gluts - Gina Birch, Kaffe Matthews and Hayley Newman - are an environmentally crusading girl band. They formed in 2009 to write ‘Café Carbon’, 16 songs about food, capitalism and climate change.

The Gluts took their DIY eco-electro/absurdo-feminist musical ‘Café Carbon’ to the streets and bars of Copenhagen for the COP 15 Climate Summit in 2009, where they joined other concerned citizens urging governments around the world to act on climate change.

‘The Gluts Go To Copenhagen’ is a 36 minute record of the group’s dilettante trip to the summit on the specially commissioned Klimate Train, packed with 900 other activists. Gina, Hayley and Kaffe prepare for the trip; rehearsing their moves and transforming into Gluts. Once at the summit they sing and dance in a bakery, a bar, on the march and in front of police lines: narrowly missing mass arrest. On return to London, disappointed by the outcome of the summit but not without hope, The Gluts express their anger in an outpouring of rage in an empty tube carriage.

Includes remixes by Eqyptian DJ Mutamassik and Bruce Gilbert.

Introducing The Gluts:

  • Gina Birch - musician, filmmaker and founder member of legendary feminist band The Raincoats and member of Red Crayola, who work with Art and Language
  • Hayley Newman – artist, performer and activist, author of 'Common' and Self-Appointed Artist-in-Residence in the City of London.
  • Kaffe Matthews – musician, composer, live performer and founder of Music for Bodies, a project linking the sonic mapping of human bodies to architecture, through a practical study of bioresonance and interface building.


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