The Flash Film Festival

THE FLASH FILM FESTIVAL SATURDAY 2ND SEPTEMBER 2006 12 - late The Horse Hospital The Horse Hospital is proud to present the UKs first festival of Flash animation. In a groundbreaking day of events, a plethora of work is to be screened showcasing the broad variation of aesthetics available to use with this Adobe programme. From installation work based upon Miyajima Tatsuo to 10 second animations about monsters being used as sex toys, from recurring meditations on violent death to babies being born from the arseholes of stressed office workers, The Flash Film Festival promises to be a technicolour daydream of toontastic proportions, using radical projection and programming techniques to deliriously delight your senses. Curated by James Hollands and Montania Saah, based upon an idea by Orrin Hare. Saturday 2nd September 12 - 6pm A F T E R M I Y A J I M A ( M U T A T I O N S E R I E S ) B Y R O B D A V I S Digital art installation based upon the work of Miyajima Tatsuo, breaking Miyajima's rule of sequential counting to contrast his Eastern view of life with ideas of evolution and genetics. VIDEO PROGRAMME Doors 7.00pm Tickets £3 Mike Chan Propaganda UK 10sec Lee Gould Mr Bones UK 2:18mins Tung Final UK 1:00min Jason Nelson Death1 UK 30sec Jon Burgerman Corrupted Data UK 1:54mins Mark Jackson Salt & Vinegar UK 6:14mins Jason Nelson Death2 UK 30sec Hermes MAngialardo Blow Italy 3:10mins Lee Whitfield Vacancy UK 3:11mins Jason Nelson Death3 UK 30sec Andrew Greaves Genesis UK 5mins Andy/Andrew Chiang & Kit Yim Animation UK 7mins Shiftwork Text field UK 1min Jason Nelson Death4 UK 30sec Liz Ridley The Ferals UK 3mins Ulf T. Kristiansen The Art Reception Norway 11mins Archie Leigh-Jones Woodchuck UK 1min Jason Nelson Death5 UK 30sec St Martins Various UK 15mins Jason Nelson Death6 UK 30sec Matt Sandbrook Employee of the month UK 2:22mins Jason Nelson Death7 UK 30sec Laurie Rowan Chimera UK 15mins Jason Nelson Death8 UK 30sec Lee Gould Lord Rut Rut UK 44sec Jason Nelson Death9 UK 30sec For further details, images and interview please contact James Hollands / Montania Saah upon 020 7833 3644 or The Horse Hospital Colonnade Bloomsbury London WC1N 1HX 0207 833 3644 image from 'Salt N Vinegar' by Mark Jackson The Flash Film Festival features selected work by students of London Animation Studio, Postgraduate Diploma in Character Animation, Central Saint Martins, For further details on how to make your own work in Flash, please see The Easy Guide to Flash 8 (Focal Press) by Birgitta Hosea

image from 'Little Lord RutRut' by Lee Gould Image from 'After Miyajima' series by Rob Davis AFTER MIYAJIMA (MUTATION SERIES) BY ROB DAVIS After Miyajima (Mutation Series) is a series of art installations for display in spaces, either on screens or projected. Each work consists of one or more computers with installed software and accompanying displays. All images are generated live. As the displayed images evolve, some versions of the installation also generate sounds which are played in the space, with the pieces behaving like wind chimes in a gentle breeze. It can also be viewed online

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