The Fabulous World of Jules Verne, with live rescore from The McCarricks



Doors 7:30pm

Tickets: £12 (click here) / £10 Concessions (click here)

The latest live rescore from top musicians The McCarricks sees them tackle The Fabulous World of Jules Verne (Karel Zeman 1956), a classic sci-fi adventure film featuring a one legged pirate, giant octopus with a taste for human flesh, underwater bicycles, amazing flying machines, duck powered submarines and camels on roller skates...  But an evil millionaire is planning to use a super-explosive device to conquer the world from his headquarters inside an enormous volcano – can he be stopped?!

Watch the original trailer here

"Why do I make movies? I'm looking for terra incognita, a land on which no filmmaker has yet set foot, a planet where no director has planted his flag of conquest, a world that exists only in fairy tales." Karel Zeman

The McCarricks are the husband and wife band of Martin McCarrick on cello and Kimberlee McCarrick on violin.  They have collaborated widely, including Kristin Hersh, Sinéad O'Connor, Gary Numan, Marianne Faithfull and Patti Smith's Meltdown concerts at the Royal Festival Hall in London.  Their solo performances are in front of silent films produced specially for their performances and recently included Der Letzte Mann by F.W Murnau (clip online here)  / Facebook

Screening with kind permission from the Karel Zeman Archive 

Event supported by Film Hub London, managed by Film London and a proud partner of the BFI Film Audience Network, funded by the National Lottery.


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