Friday 28th September 2007Exhibition (1 night only) 5-7pm free entry. Performances 7:30-11:30pm £10 Exhibition and Performances The exhibition features new drawings by Orryelle for hir Graphic Grimmoire in progress, 'Conjunctio' , forthcoming from FULGUR LIMITED (publishers of AOSpare, Grant, Bertiaux). The book focuses upon the reflective relationships between pairs of divine lovers and sacred twins upon opposite pages. Most of these new images have never been displayed anywhere until now. Some new sculptural work of Orryelle´s -in clay and other media- will also be displayed. The PERFORMANCES following the Exhibition feature a combination of METAMORPHIC RITUAL THEATRE (including 8 GATES -see below) and Magickal Music by: Orryelle (violin & voice), solo and collaborating with 'This Too Shall Pass' (experimental electronica) with Babalon and the Beast ritual theatre. Plus Raagnagrok (London synth-sitar duo) Exhibition (1 night only) 5-7pm free entry. Limited Numbers. Tickets or enquiries please email or ring 0800 5300251