Spiritual Death in Venice

A staged reading of a puppet mortality as an allegory on the extinction of masculinity, for which Miloslav Vojtíšek  aka S.d.Ch. received his second Alfréd Radok Award.


Doors 7pm £5 advance (click here) £7.00 on the door

Author: S.d.Ch.

Adaption: Eva Daníčková

Cast: Cristina Catalina, Christopher Holt and others

70 minutes

An extravagant Venetian Baronet fights boredom and contempt of the morbid urbanism and bourgeois constraints of his native city through various excesses assisted by his lackey Lubomír. He finally opts to experience a spiritual death, which is facilitated by the director of The National Theatre of the Mrštík Brothers in Brno and executed by the Angel of Spiritual Death and the Devil without Attributes. But things turn out differently than the baronet imagined…This highly imaginative playful drama filled with linguistic virtuosity, ironic humour and cruelly accurate deconstructions of social and cultural hypocrisies will be presented in London for the first time in English as a staged reading for four actors.

Czech author Miloslav Vojtíšek, aka S.d.Ch. is an award-winning playwright, artist and writer. From visual art across to the written word his work is distinct in its sarcasm, humour and boundless imagination, making him both a unique phenomenon and enfant terrible of the Czech cultural scene.

The reading is accompanied by a launch of the authors new book A Makeshift Imitatio Christi, published in English by Divus and a solo exhibition of collages and comics at Divus gallery in London.


Organized by Czech Centre London www.czechcentre.org.uk @czechcentrelnd

In partnership with Divus London www.divus.cc

Supported by TECHO, Pilsner Urquell and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.


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