Spacedog: “Juice for the Baby”

Doors 7:30pm £8 ENTRY ON DOOR

£7 advance click here for tickets

Haunted by defunct machines, faded variety acts and the darkest English folk tales, Spacedog are known for their strangely unsettling, ethereal music, performed on theremin, vocals, keyboards and percussion, and for their ensemble of ‘uncanny’ robots who perform with them live on stage.
As they launch their debut album “Juice for the Baby”, this award winning band presents a night of original music reflecting their obsessions - electric lullabies, the Caspian Sea Monster, televisors, the Lankin and Laika are in the mix. Jenny Angliss (vocals), Sarah Angliss (theremin, saw and keyboards) and Stephen Hiscock (percussion) perform seamlessly with Spacedog’s eerie robotic companions, crafted from found objects by Sarah Angliss and Colin Uttley, the band’s occasional compère. Centre stage is Hugo, a 1930s ventriloquist’s dummy, wired up and roboticised after he was rescued from the attic of a dead magician. Hugo will be summoning the spirits of John Logie Baird and flawed comic genius Tommy Cooper.
“It felt like an audio version of the shining, played on instruments thrown together in sheds somewhere near Bletchley Park.” FringeReview
“Their genius lies in their magpie collections of intellectual exotica” FringeGuru
“The musical equivalent of finding a dusty old box in the attic (possibly marked Pandora)”,  Nione Meakin, The Argus
Awarded Best Music Event of Brighton Festival and Fringe 2011

Photo: Melita Dennett.