SALON DU VOILE: Ian "Cat" Vincent



CRUCIBLEHermetic is proud to present a New Series of Salon Lectures in Practical Methods of Occultism.

Our second guest speaker will be eclectic magician, cunning man, Discordian revivalist and Fortean author IAN "CAT" VINCENT.

Ian ‘Cat’ Vincent is a lifelong student of the occult, working in a multi-model approach, and a former magical protection consultant. Ian’s magical experiences have been fictionalised several times, most recently in the novel ‘The Last Days Of Jack Sparks’ by Jason Arnopp (albeit with a change of nationality and gender).

In recent years he has also turned his attention to Fortean journalism, with a focus on examining the rise of 'hyper-real' (fiction-inspired) belief systems and other pop-culture manifestations of the occult. He was one of the earliest journalists to write in depth on the Slenderman phenomenon. His writing has appeared in Fortean Times, the American college text Apocalyptic Imaginary, a monthly column at Spiral Nature ( and the Darklore anthologies, and he is a a contributing editor at The Daily Grail ( He also contributes to the Hookland shared universe, in his alter-ego of Jack Rosehip.

He has lectured on subjects including Slenderman, the life and works of Robert Anton Wilson, the fictional roots of modern paganism and the Westernisation of Eastern beliefs at a range of venues including the Senate House Library, the University of Leicester and the Royal College of Art.

Ian is an active participant in the UK Discordian revival, making appearances at both stagings of the ‘Cosmic Trigger’ play and Festival 23, as well as a series of street rituals.

His first book, ‘New Gods and Monsters’, on the evolution of pop culture belief systems, is forthcoming from Daily Grail Publishing.

Ian blogs at and he can be found on Twitter @catvincent. A resume of Ian’s writing and lectures to date can be found here:

Cat will be speaking for us, from his vast experience, on the subject of Combat Magic in Theory and Practice.