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Open City Docs presents an evening of documentary and non-fiction works-in-progress where independent filmmakers and audio doc-makers are invited to present their current projects and test out new work at various stages of completion.

Open City Documentary Festival has provided a platform for established and emerging filmmakers since 2011 and to continue developing and nurturing new work and makers we are launching a monthly peer-to-peer show and tell in a welcoming and supportive environment, featuring constructive feedback from special guests and audiences.

This month's project:

THE BOYS FROM MUSHIN (Dir Joe Cohen) A film about 3 gay friends who grew up together in Nigeria. The film follows them living in exile around the world in London, New York and Toronto. Bisi was the first and only person to ever come out publicly in Nigeria, he did so on live television to over 4 million people. He is now a prominent human rights activist. Damoshe escaped a very conservative family and eventually moved to New York, where he is training to become a nurse and works in a home for senior citizens. Shola moved to Toronto where he works in sexual health for gay men. All three men have extraordinary stories of discrimination, courage and triumph. Above all, this is a film about friendship, as they come together again for the first time since they left Nigeria.

Special guests: Sophie Fiennes

Hosted by filmmaker Isis Thompson

Kinokulture, LiveTai