Rocky's Bike

Wednesday 2nd SeptemberDoors: 7:30pm FREE Screening of "Rocky's Bike" A short film directed by Andrew Tidmarsh and written by Nick Phillips. Duration 13 mins Also showing: Tortoise. A short film written and directed by Andy Bloom. Duration 15 mins. The films will be screened on the hour at 8pm, 9pm and 10pm. From 10.30 pm Rocky Alvarez (the same) and Nervous Stephen will be playing music till late. Please join us for a drink and a dance to celebrate the completion of our films! Rocky's Bike / Dir: Andrew Tidmarsh and written by Nick Phillip rocky1.jpg Written by Nick Phillips and directed by Andrew Tidmarsh, Rocky's Bike is a gentle comedy which tells of one man's attempt to retreive his stolen bike against all odds. When his bike disappears outside his local pub, Rocky has an inspired plan to get it back. Faced with only discouragement and negativity from his two closest friends, Rocky remains sullen, but hopeful as he puts his plan into action. As the afternoon progresses, it becomes clear, that although accompanied by his friends on this odyssey, Rocky is really all alone. rocky1b.jpg Featuring Joseph Macnab, Luke Alan-Gale, Emily Butterfield and Harry Feltham, the action of Rocky's Bike takes place around the recognisable landmarks of Shoreditch. It is shot on HD and the director of Photography is Luke Flegg. Tortoise / Dir: Andy Bloom: Two teenage brothers reach tipping point with their emotionally damaged father. They decide to leave, without anything but each other and a little hope. Tortoise is a brutal, reflective thriller, played out on some less trodden and windswept shore of England.