Rebel Threads: An Afternoon with Roger K Burton

Rebel Threads author Roger K Burton in conversation with Cathi Unsworth

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Join us for an intimate afternoon in The Chamber of Pop Culture with Rebel Thread's author Roger K Burton and writer / journalist Cathi Unsworth as they delve into some of the stories behind the many clothes featured in the book.

Guiding us through his first encounter with teddy boys and rockers at the village funfair in the late 1950's, to working with punk's foremost innovators Malcolm Maclaren and Vivienne Westwood. This will be your last chance to view the exhibition and gather a unique insight into this rare cross section of sub-cultural gems.



Featuring over 1000 examples of rare vintage clothing, from the swing, counterculture and blank generation eras, detailed photographs and factual stories of the clothes origins, alongside a series of uncommon fashion and film stills. The book traces how these distinct street punk styles were originally put together and worn by the predominant teenage subcultures that emerged between 1940–1980, and set these kids apart from mainstream fashion.

Rebel Threads is a prerequisite for all lovers of vintage clothing, collectors, fashion students, designers, costumiers and anyone fascinated by the history of street style.


With 50 years’ experience collecting vintage street fashion, costume designer, stylist and former mod, the author, supplied original mod clothing for the 1978 cult film Quadrophenia, before establishing the Contemporary Wardrobe Collection, to provide street fashion for TV and Film. He went on to dress literally hundreds of influential bands, from David Bowie to the Rolling Stones. The archive now exceeds some 20 thousand items and serves as a valuable resource for leading fashion and film stylists, designers and important museums around the world.