Wednesday 18th JuneDoors at 7pm FREE RAINDANCE FILM CLUB presents BLITZKRIEG BOP, the zaniest Japanese film you could ever hope to see. blitzkrieg2.jpg Join us for the film that brought the craziest guys in Japan over to Raindance last year. We proudly present the most outrageously fucked-up, yet hilarious hundred minutes of cinema you'll experience this month. Not at all for the faint hearted, though those who embrace its decadent charms will find much to enjoy. Trouble follows cool punk Okajima wherever he roams. Having fought off a group of pesky Yakuza hunters, he is visited by his troublesome, feisty ex-girlfriend Tomoko. She blackmails him into rescuing her Lego obsessed boyfriend who is being held captive by Yakuza Boss Fujikita. As it happens, the Boss is also after Okajima for stolen Yakuza money. While on his deadly rescue mission, Okajima saves oddball Haruka from a sadistic kidnapper. She becomes his stalker and ally. Meanwhile, Torakichi, the militant leader of the Yakuza hunters, is hot on Okajima's trail after mistaking him for a Yakuza thug. Ramones fanatic Kakuei Shimada's mad-cap Japanese gangster flick is a concoction of outrageous and surreal humour blended with a twisted, unpredictable plotline. Shimada's quirkiness excels through his slapstick style dotted with philosophical moments amongst the mayhem. With the odd cult culture references to bands, films and comics popping up on the way, it's obvious where his influences stem from. Just like wasabe, it's a hot kick on the palate, but you like it. Please RSVP for this event. Guests welcome. For more information visit RAINDANCE FILM CLUB or email FilmClub@raindance.co.uk RaindanceLaurierinv.jpg