Wednesday 15 AprilDoors at 7pm FREE This Month: One Day Removals UK 2008 (87mins) Director-Mark Stirton one_day_removals.jpg Two Aberdeen removal men have a day from hell. A simple job in a remote part of the Scottish countryside goes awry when they hit a drunk staggering in the middle of the road and decide to load him into the van and take him to the hospital. This seems like a good plan, but then the bodies start piling up....... Review: A very funny dark comedy set in the locale dialect of Aberdeen. It resonates with a Scottish humour that reveals both a practicality and a bravery that this story feeling both real and surreal in turns. The dialogue and action is unrestrained and unless you are familiar with broad Scottish dialects, in this case Doric-apparently brought to the north east of Scotland by rural Spartans-you may not get every word but the intent behind them is clear and evocative. Writer/director Mark Stirton lets the camera get close enough to observe the craziness without intruding. The cast are natural, however, what some might lack in screen craft they more than make up for in personality. One Day Removals couldn't be any more indie and for budding filmmakers this is a great example of what can be done with very little money and a lot of passion. Mark will be around after the screening for a short Q & A. For more information visit RAINDANCE FILM CLUB or email FilmClub@raindance.co.uk RaindanceLaurierinv.jpg