Wednesday 12th NovemberDoors at 7pm FREE MIDNIGHT MADNESS MidnightMadness(1).jpg Following our 16th festival, which was by far our biggest and best yet, we present the next date in our Film Club series with Midnight Madness, a stark portrayal of London-based basketball players. These young men are given the chance of the lifetime to compete with NBA players through a tournament established to tackle inner-city crime. The film follows Nhamo Shire as he stages basketball tournaments around the country, conveying his personal vision of the sport as a means of uniting communities haunted by gang warfare. Not only does Midnight Madness strike up a worthy social cause in the context of an athletic celebration, but it also embodies the Raindance ideal, having been completed on a scant budget of £15,000 by BIFA-winning director Charles Henri-Belleville in his documentary follow-up to The Inheritance. David Boaretto, the film's Producer, will be in attendance for a Q&A after the screening Please RSVP for this event. Guests welcome. For more information visit RAINDANCE FILM CLUB or email FilmClub@raindance.co.uk RaindanceLaurierinv.jpg