Wednesday 23rd JulyDoors at 7pm FREE Wrong Numbers Raindance Film Club proudly presents Wrong Numbers, the debut film from Alex Holdridge, director of the highly acclaimed In Search of a Midnight Kiss. Made on a shoestring budget in Austin in 2001, it was Alex's intention to head to LA to remake the film with a large studio. Unfortunately the deal collapsed, but curiously enough in 2006 that same studio released Superbad, an almost identical film that went on to become a huge international hit. Screwed over? We think so. Featuring Midnight Kiss' leading man Scoot McNairy, this hilarious indie gem is currently without UK distribution, so for the time being this is the only place you can see it. Please come and support this fantastic and shamefully overlooked film. Synopsis: James wants to have fun, but cynically realizes that life has little fun to offer. Turning nineteen has been a souring experience filled with disappointments. The added pressures of manhood have begun to weigh in as friends become scarce. He needs a good night out and his only hope lies with his best friend Russell, whose own world was perfect until his girlfriend, Jennifer, announced that she was "going out with some other guy" that night. The two nineteen-year-old men simply want to forget their individual problems over a few beers and set out into the underage world where strange things happen. Bad directions, bad luck, and teenage-harassing cops stand in the way of these two slackers as they hopelessly meander through the streets of Austin, Texas trying to buy a case of beer. Their patience and worries are pushed to the limit until they are forced to do the unthinkable. Please RSVP for this event. Guests welcome. For more information visit RAINDANCE FILM CLUB or email FilmClub@raindance.co.uk RaindanceLaurierinv.jpg