Radical T-Zone & Hairy Vaseline



Performance as part of the exhibition Peace Love and Anarchy = Freedom and Fun Forever

DJ-Duo 'Radical T-Zone & Hairy Vaseline' play a selection of their set and will transform the space into a hybrid of a dance floor, a home party and a dressing room. In a collage-like style costumes, videos and music, (gender-)identities and body images will be deconstructed, dismantled and re-developed. Layering, dancing, shape-shifting bodies will blaze a short moment of a wild night out.

In the 1990s queer became a shout out for anarchy and protest. Queer punks, DragX and Creatures of the Night reclaimed space! Back then the squat was a space for queer forms of living as well as for private and public interactions, both influencing individual feelings and self-image.  ……. drinking and partying was going on, too……...!  Along recent and 90s norm-challenging, feminist music the DJ-Duo follows the track to today’s queer youth and performance art. The motto of the night is „let your fat go giggle and your ass vibrate“. Join in and dance to „girly softness camel toe bitch hop“.