Possessors of the Orb

A night of astral earth plane music surrounded by the psychic paintings of Ethel Le Rossignol


Doors 7:30pm


Featuring  The Stargazer’s Assistant, Alexander Tucker and Joseph Lewis.

"In true hearing, the voices of the archangelic realm carry unimaginable ecstasies which overcome the spirit, revivifying springs of harmony within and without." From A Goodly Company (1933), received from the spiritual spheres by Ethel Le Rossignol.

The Stargazer's Assistant – David J Smith, David Knight and Michael J York.  Eyes closed, ears wide open, we are given freedom to dream the void. "Music of rare emotional power, of penetrating beauty, with the capacity to extend and enhance its listeners’ understanding; it is, in other words, the real deal." Oliver Arditi

Alexander Tucker – "[A] mixture of the hauntingly familiar and the unaccountably strange... conjures [a] thrilling sense of disorientation and wonderment." The Quietus

Joseph Lewis – "Joseph Lewis’ hurdy gurdies chart an alternative folklore of the British Isles. Produced through a rigorous study of ancient craft traditions and folk symbols, these instruments are nevertheless a celebration of an anarcho-democratic and carnivalesque tradition." Pil and Galia Kollectiv