Out of the Great Northwest

Doors: 7.30, Tickets £5

Presented by Stephen Slappe, Assistant Professor in Intermedia at Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, Oregon, USA.

The Northwest corner of the United States is an outpost for wayward artists, nurturing a broad range of talented individuals who spend their rainy winters toiling away on a variety of experiments and subversions. From the quiet political statement of Vanessa Renwick’s Portrait #2: Trojan to the hypnotic explosions of Tabor Robak, this program shows a cross section of contemporary moving image work from artists who live, or have lived, in Portland, Oregon.

Artists included in the program: Peter Burr: www.peterburr.org Carl Diehl: www.electronicelsewhere.com Brenna Murphy: vimeo.com/user806368 Julie Orser: www.julieorser.com Vanessa Renwick: www.odoka.org Tabor Robak: www.taborrobak.com Stephen Slappe:www.stephenslappe.com Dustin Zemel: dustinzemel.com