Night of Pan // Brian Butler

Doors 7:30pm

Los Angeles based filmmaker, artist and musician Brian Butler will host the London premiere of his noted short film, 'Night of Pan', along with other works, in London at the Horse Hospital on February 20th at 7:30pm, admission is free. Butler will also perform a live sound performance with projections, accompanied by Death in Vegas' Richard Fearless. The evening will be rounded out with DJ sets from Fearless and Butler, along with other surprise guest DJs.

'Night of Pan' is a seven and a half minute film featuring film auteur Kenneth Anger and actor Vincent Gallo. The film has been screened in various versions internationally - Beijing, Lisbon, Cannes, Athens, Rome, Berlin, Los Angeles and but never in the world center of occultism, London.

In the film, Anger, Gallo, and Butler depict a pagan ritual that symbolizes the stage of ego death in the process of spiritual attainment.

Brian Butler is a multidisciplinary artist who creates works around dark magical themes. He works extensively as a producer on director Kenneth Anger's films. Additionally he has written for Dazed & Confused and performs along with Anger in the band Technicolor Skull.