Mike Tyler's ERECTION

Celebrated non-academic, American post-beat poet and musician Mike Tyler and Producer BL'EVE perform songs from the debut UK album, Erection.

Doors 6:30pm Stage Time 7:00pm FREE

Born in NYC's iconic Greenwhich Village in a post-iconic time Mike Tyler has been an under-the-radar icon both for his influence on contemporary artists and his own poetry. His catchy music is tense taut terse and traumatic to the status quo.

Jamaican born, NYC based music producer and Hip Hop recording artist BL'EVE joins Tyler onstage for this event as the duo perform songs from Erection, a non-typical rock 'n roll show showcasing the album the two made together. BL'EVE has produced and worked with Internationally acclaimed artists and major US Labels and in addition to his work with Tyler, is now promoting his solo Album, Short Thoughts (a free download).


The secret narrative of Rock ‘n Roll is poetry. From the blues forward it has been as much about words as the music.

Tyler’s Erection connects (beautifully) the sadness of blues with the success of rock 'n roll. Within it, a history of electric popular music. There are genres including pop, heavy metal, ballads, electronic, indie, and even a song in Spanish.

This is a record about the feeling when you are over something that has broken you up. Your heart has healed but it has reformed jaggedly. It is not stronger but sharper. It is not a beautiful knife's blade but a prison shank.

The debut UK release is a combination of Tyler’s acclaimed writing style and full production from US Producer and acclaimed Hip-Hop artist BL’EVE. Already receiving outstanding reviews for being a “breath of fresh air”, the album “hooks you in with the imaginative kind of story telling you would expect from such an accomplished poet.” (High Voltage, thedigitalfix.com) “An explosion of wit, sarcasm and emotion. A CD you'll find in the car of that artsy friend of yours that you can't help but want to steal”. (The London Music Blog)

Tyler comes from the New York City tradition of Lou Reed, mentored in a bar by the American poet Delmore Schwartz (who wanted poets to be as famous as baseball players), Patti Smith (a poet first) and Tom Verlaine of Television.

Stand out moments in Mike Tyler’s career have been catalyzed by his way with words. Banksy stenciled his words “only the ridiculous survive” outside of London’s Paddington Station, while Beck fell under his charismatic spell while honing his song writing craft. He became known as “The Most Dangerous Poet in America” after breaking his arm during a reading, and his poem “The Most Beautiful Word in the American Language” is on people’s Facebook walls, MySpace pages, and blogs, not to mention fridge doors.

Exclusive UK album release 20.8.12 in stores and online in CD, CD Superpak, Vinyl and Digital formats.