Friday 23rd March 2007Doors 7:30pm £7/£5 members & concessions Two films that tackle a human drive that operates outside the bounds that society considers normal. Obsession (1949) Dir: Edward Dmytryk, 96mins Deeply dark film that never uses the visually grotesque to reach its objective. Banned on its release in Finland, this Noir film still holds up after the test of time. London psychiatrist Clive Riordan plans a devilish revenge against his wife's lover. Fed up with the repeated affairs of his wife he plots against her latest interest. Riordan forces him into a hidden room and embarks on an elaborate plan to exact his revenge and dispose of the body without being discovered. Kissed (1996) Dir: Lynne Stopkewich, 78mins Though not a graphic film depicting necrophilia, Kissed still managed to cause an uproar, Canadian Christian groups picketed and protested outside cinemas on its release. A tender love story that just happens to include some exceptionally unconventional and controversial elements. The film focuses on the life of a young woman who works in a morgue. She identifies more with the dead than the living. By her own admission, has "always been fascinated by death -- the smell of it, the feel of it, and the stillness of it." Kissed offers an unflinching perspective of a sweet, troubled love affair and the two warped individuals trapped in it.

Kinokulture, LiveTai