LSFF: Come to the Cabaret


The London Short Film festival presents: Three films and three live performances, all drawing inspiration from the varied world of cabaret and live performance. Join The Frank Chickens, Jonny Woo and a human suspension demonstration from States of Bliss.

ON TENDER HOOKS (Kate Shenton) is a independent feature film documentary about human suspension, the art of piercing meat hooks though the flesh and then suspending in mid air. Over the course of a year filmmaker Kate Shenton follows different groups of people in London, Croatia and Norway who practice this art as a private form of expression. Filmed in a fly-on-the-wall style, the film looks beyond the hooks; it explores how much the human body can achieve and the benefits this can have on the mind.

Followed by a live demonstration of human suspension by States of Bliss

FRANK CHICKENS - THE MOVIE (Robert Makin / Ollie Verschoyle): A portrait of the unique, ever-evolving pop performance group and their surprise win of the Fosters Comedy God award. Featuring interviews with Stewart Lee and Kazuko Hohki.

Followed by a short live performance from the Frank Chickens

VINEGAR TO JAM (Edward Lawrenson / Ben Walters): Between 2004 and 2012, the cabaret space at Bistrotheque in Bethnal Green was one of the cradles of London’s groundbreaking alternative cabaret scene. A cramped, ramshackle black box wedged between a restaurant and a bar in an unmarked industrial building, it was transformed each weekend into a portal of divine and perverted glamour by the leading lights of this after-dark world. VINEGAR TO JAM documents two of Bistrotheque’s pioneering signature acts – ‘tranny superstar’ Jonny Woo and twisted alt-drag troupe the LipSinkers – from rehearsals to dressing room to stage, on the eve of a radical, irrevocable change in circumstances. We welcome Jonny Woo with a live appearance following the screening l

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