London Zine Symposium 2007

The 2007 London Zine SymposiumSaturday April 21st 12-5.30 pm FREE! There'll be zine stalls, distros, zines, comix, fun stuff and vegan food. Confirmed stalls Brass Buttons distro Fist in the Air Distro Ripping Thrash Sticks and stones distro Nail Bunny Paper Tiger comix Armchair comix Active Distribution Gasp distro & Last Hours zine 56a Infoshop Morgenmuffel zine & Cowley Club bookshop The individual zine table (more details will be up ASAP) Other stuff Zine mapping Zine quiz Scavenger hunt Capture the flag game Talks and discussion + more to be confirmed (if you have an idea for a workshop/fun stuff you would like to run or see please get in touch! Visit to find out more.