Kitty Finer presents... (With Friends and Family)


7pm, £5/£2

"A Festive Night at The Horse Hospital"

Hello friends and family (who are not performing) would you like to come to this event on the 19th December?

This will be like the previous evenings that Kitty has hosted but with festive twists.
Jem Finer will be performing ¡ BINGO !
Which is described as "An indeterminate score for electric guitars and a bingo caller" .
Marcia Farquhar ( my mother ) will be playing festive 45s

Metamorphonics, inter-species vinyl, monster eulogies and feral sounds will be discussed and played during Mark Harris' Becoming-animal.

Noah Kelly will be singing his songs.

Alex Brenchley will be singing his songs.
Kitty Finer will be hosting the event and singing songs with Noah Kelly.
David Lees and Stefanie Ritch will be performing Bing and Bowie's "Little Drummer Boy".
The bar will be lit up like Christmas and the event will be going on later than usual so we can have an "after" party!