Justin Snyder

Pianist Justin Snyder performs prepared piano, electro-acoustic, and solo works.



Alvin Lucier's Music for Piano and Slow Sweep Pure Wave Oscillators is a meditation in vibrations. Time is elastic and one can almost taste the oscillations between the piano strings and the synthetic electronic tones.

Alvin Curran's Inner Cities 11. The composer writes of Inner Cities: “In these Inner Cities there is no "drive-by" anything; there’s merely back alleys, empty lots full of stubborn weeds and clear sky, trails of memory which may or may not lead anywhere or even have relevance to the music at hand. The bottom line: these pieces are a set of contradictory etudes - studies in liberation and attachment, cryptic itineraries to the old fountain on the town square whence flows all artistic divination and groping for meaning in the dark.”

Any Resemblance Is Purely Coincidental by Charles Dodge, is a distorted dream of a performance of Enrico Caruso's performance of "Vesti la giubba" in which (a digitally resynthesised) Caruso desperately searches to find his accompaniment but continually finds himself dislocated from reality and attainment.

Morton Subotnick's legendary Liquid Strata is for piano and ghost electronics and is, in the composer's words, "a romantic, poetic response to the profound scientific insights about fundamental realities of nature as enunciated by Newton."