Doors 7:30pm

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A sensation produced in one modality when a stimulus is applied to another modality, as when the visualization of a certain colour/image induces the hearing of a certain sound . .

Jerico Orchestra (founded in 2009) are a collective of musicians who create improvised music using live projections  and videos as a score. Utilizing  predominantly abstract imagery to suggest sounds, rhythms and textures, the visuals function as a directional influence on the performance rather than a decorative background; Taking direct inspiration from the abstract scores developed by Cornellius Cardew and John Cage, and the psychedelic light projections of Mark Boyle and Gustave Metzger.

Jerico Orchestra combine fine art performance, free improvisation (multi-disciplinary in form and cross-cultural in content) ,videos and stunning hand-made visuals into one unique event.

Peter Jones // Hand-made slides

Mike Walters & Paul Brimmer // Saxophones

Jonathan Campion // Clarinet

Chris Cook // Sitar

Adan Bohman // Acoustic Sound-Effects

Dave Fowler // Drums

Henrique Paiva // Percussions / Vocal / Videos