Jeremy Reed & The Ginger Light


Doors 7:0pm


The Ginger Light is a unique collaboration between poet and novelist Jeremy Reed and musician Itchy Ear. Together they create a performance dynamic unparalleled in British poetry and an excitement usually only generated by pop. Jeremy Reed has been called by JG Ballard ‘the most gifted poet working today’, and has published more than 40 books of award-winning poetry, prose and fiction, the most recent being ‘The Glamour Poet Vs Francis Bacon’ (2014), Sooner or Later Frank (2014) and The Dilly (2014)

Jeremy’s latest book ‘The Life & Career of Lou Reed: Waiting For The Man is out now on Omnibus Press.

Both the Jeremy Reed & The Ginger Light albums: Big City Dilemma & Down For You Is Up are available online, check website for details.


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