Doors 7pm FREE

Incest is the first in a one off series of events showcasing sounds and words that want to go together but shouldn’t.

Planned improvisation from Captain Miki & J Van Zit with Katherine Kilalea

Songs by Seftel

DJing by Vincent Oliver

Captain Miki and J Van Zit are Panos Ghikas and Johannes Von Weizsäcker. Their performance is titled Give us a Hug. It's all about war n'stuff.

Katharine Kilalea is a poet who’s first book One Eye’d Leigh was shortlisted for the Costa Poetry Award.

Seftel is Larry Seftel. His songs are inexact measures of jealousy, lousy nights, bad dreams, self-loathing, boring lunches and half read books. Arranged by Ghikas and Von Weizsäcker of the Chap, their sincerity is twisted out of shape into something discomforting, slightly sleazy and also oddly relaxing.

Vincent Oliver is a musician, label manager of Hemlock Recordings, live visual creator for Warp and Clark records and, fortunately, a DJ.

Sam Riviere is a poet who first collection 81 Austerities was published by Faber this year. His words appear on a film directed by Simon Davenport.

Jennifer Walshe is a composer and conceptual artist of multiple virtual identities.