Sunday December 14th3pm-9pm FREE Marking 3 years of Wavelength on Resonance 104.4FM hosted by William English and 15 years of The Horse Hospital, the following programme will take place on December 14th commencing at 3pm: MICHAEL SNOW WAVELENGTH Canada, 1966-67, sound, colour, 45 mins, 16mm 'Described by its creator as a continuous zoom which takes 45 minutes to go from its widest field to its smallest and final field' Wavelength is at once one of the simplest and most complex films ever conceived. Literally oscillating between the conceptual and the immediately real, its four human occurrences interrupt yet remain in to the flow of continually metamorphosing variations on the unrelenting crescendo of its 'one shot' toward and into the four windows of a Canal Street Loft.' - Film Quarterly. WILLIAM ENGLISH 16mm FILM, 20 mins ANDREW GREAVES DVD Jonah DVD 9'28" Narcissus DVD 12'34" Peypes Pipe DVD 11' DAVID LEISTER "a seasonal offering" 16mm films 30 mins LOUIS BENASSI Trouble in the Magic Circle, 2007 8min standard 8 colour on dvd RICHARD THOMAS Installation: The 117 Steps, DVD 90 minutes ENDGAME: Leicester's foremost electronic improvising band: Alan Freeman: synthesizer, gadgets, effects. Steve Freeman: cassette 4-track, processing, etc. Jim Tetlow: digital electronics, computer, etc. Formed July 1999. Endgame are always evolving sonically, especially with the diverse range of musics that make up our live concerts. Ever more so, we are exploring intuitively a broad palette of experimental, electroacoustic and synthesizer/cosmic musics, always furthering our expression and range with new techniques, instruments and gadgets. There are no rules to the Endgame, and when live in concert the tension rides the edge. Such is the nature of Endgame that every performance is a totally new creation. So, if you miss it - you may never catch it again!