HH Vortex




Join us for an evening of performance, film and music, emanating angularly from the two seminal issues of BLAST magazine, the publication produced by the Vorticists, an avant-garde, modernist movement which emerged in London in 1914. They established their HQ, the Rebel Art Centre was a couple of streets away on Gt. Ormond Street.

The movement was announced in 1914 in the first issue of BLAST, which contained its manifesto and the movement's rejection of landscape and nudes in favour of a geometric style tending towards abstraction.

The Vorticism group began with the Rebel Art Centre, which is a couple of streets away from us, which Wyndham Lewis and others established after disagreeing with Omega Workshops founder Roger Fry, and has roots in the Bloomsbury Group, Cubism and Futurism. Lewis himself saw Vorticism as an independent alternative to Cubism, Futurism and Expressionism

Though the style grew out of Cubism, it was deeply in love with the embrace of dynamism, the machine age and all things modern as articulated ideologically by the Futurists.

This evening is part of the Bloomsbury Festival

Performances, films and more from: Chiara Ambrosio, Kitty Finer, Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Jeremy Reed and The Ginger Light, Michael Sanders and Liam Wright-Higgins