HERE COMES EVERYBODY: An Audience with Richard Sylvarnes


doors open at 7pm (£5 entry on the door)

Straight from New York City, this is a very special presentation of filmmaker and artist Richard Sylvarnes' work in London! Including his feature film "Here Comes Everybody" and "Fracture" his most recent video for King Crimson. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the filmmaker in person.

About "Here Comes Everybody":

"We are prepared to go to the gates of hell...........but no further."

It is night. It is dark. Out from this night emerge the voice of a six-year-old girl who becomes our guide through the hours of darkness as we dream of western history. She leads us through the tumultuous centuries from Napoleon to Jesus, Socrates to Superman. As we descend deeper into the dream we bounce around wildly from images and stories of love, war, pain, joy, resistance, and quest. The film has the appearance of being conceived in the nineteenth century and born in the twenty-first, as if constructed by some modern digital zoetrope. Here Comes Everybody is a tragicomedy where mythology, history, literature, and comic books all collapse into a dream logic as a testament to our human endeavor.

About Richard Sylvarnes:

Richard Sylvarnes is a filmmaker, photographer, and sound artist. His latest feature film, Here Comes Everybody will be released by Cinema Purgatorio in 2015. His prior feature, The Last Words of Dutch Schultz, is a found-footage film that featured a live music performance to accompany the film which premiered at The Microscope Gallery in New York City and then at the Anthology Film Archives. In 2009 he received a Creative Capital Grant to work with the four-time Bessie Award winning choreographer David Neumann on a work titled Big Eater which premiered at the Kitchen in 2010. Also, in 2008, he was nominated for a Rockefeller Renew Media Fellowship. His first feature film, The Cloud Of Unknowing, premiered in the International Dramatic Feature Competition at the inaugural Tribeca Film Festival in 2002 continuing on in festivals throughout Asia and Europe and was released by Possible Films in 2004. H.C.E., his second feature, also premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in the NYNY Narrative Competition in 2006. Sylvarnes was commissioned by Matador Records to make a work for the band Interpol. The resulting piece, Landscape After The Battle, was shown at the Galerie Du Jour in Paris, The Ragged School in London, Galerie Tristesse in Berlin, and Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles in 2004. That same year he was commissioned by fashion designer Miho Miho to make a work for her winter collection that resulted in the video Siberia. His two short works Vox Populi of 2004 and Dancing Man of 2005 both premiered at the Thessalonica Film Festival in Greece with Vox Populi continuing on to a powerful outdoor evening projection at Dances Camera West in Los Angeles. Continuing in this vein he made The Imperial Animal, a groundbreaking work that premiered at The Chelsea Art Museum in New York in 2007. Recently he has directed a pilot for Brazilian television titled Bate Papo Em Nova Iorque. He has also made numerous music videos, particularly Chaos Girls that premiered at the Museek International Music Video Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia. His music and sound works have been released on three CD’s, Viva (2005), the soundtrack to H.C.E. (2006) and And Then She Heard The Echo Of The Big Bang (2007), on the Skrymir label with Metal Skyline being distributed in 2013. He is also working with the band Zero Times Everything which which features Tony Geballe and Pietro Russino.

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