Shakespeare: A Comedy in Ten Scenes both Serious and Tragic

Gruntlers Theatre Presents the Western premiere of the play by the legendary Azerbaijani Playwright Elchin Efendiyev.

Doors 7pm – performance start at 7.30pm prompt

Performed for the first time in any English speaking country, our debut British run will be staged from Monday 5th December to Friday 9th December. "Monday 5th Dec by invitation of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan only".

This fast moving satire takes place within the confines of a psychiatric facility in the newly established Republic of Azerbaijan. However, following the collapse of Soviet rule, the patients seem much more at ease with themselves than the hospital staff surrounding them. The inmates acting with grace, insight and great humanity, while the latter only grudgingly perform their basic duties. An uneasy situation further disturbed by the arrival of a new patient Slash 13, who claims to be from another planet. Slash 13 is a handsome young enigma to the doctors and a beacon of hope to the other patients. His very presence in the sanatorium revealing a clash of psychological, moral, as well as imaginative worlds. As the story unfolds it becomes clear that little attempt is made to effect a “cure” in this institution, which is one of the reasons why Slash 13 poses a challenge to the preconceptions of everybody in this madhouse. To complicate things even more, a woman claiming to be the great actress Sarah Bernhardt introduces Slash 13 to Shakespeare’s Romantic tragedy Romeo and Juliet, wherein Slash 13, Sarah, an array of strangely colourful crazies, not to mention the deeply depressive staff, manage to discover the saving power of Art.

David Parry’s DADA interpretation of this story promises to unleash mayhem amongst both audiences and Critics alike. Watching this debut production of Shakespeare in English, therefore, will be a truly enthralling experience for the lone psychopath, as much as friends and family. It features some great humour, finely entwined with heart stirring emotions and offers access to bewildering Alien spheres of experience. If you want to enjoy this touching saga of love, Art and insanity, then order your own Shakespeare tickets now! You can purchase Early Bird paypal tickets for £8 or pay £10 on the door (subject to availability), concessions £7 (subject to availability)