Saturday 29th SeptemberDoors 7:30pm £7/£5 members & concessions Queen of the Whores, a performance by Annouchka Bayley Loss- Loss of innocence, of memory, of womanhood. "Queen of the Whores" is a journey through the darker aspects of our fantasies, fears and dreams of femininity. One by one the characters appear and surrender themselves to the phantoms of commerce, desire and addiction. And the Queen collects. Annouchka Bayley's "Queen of the Whores" is the result of many months of direct interviews with prostitutes and punters in London. Every story featured is based in truth, directly transcribed or transposed into lyric text, image-text and performance art. (Some material may offend and contains true accounts of rape, violence and abuse.) Annouchka has been writing and performing one woman shows extensively in theatres and found spaces London. She trained in Mongolian voice technique with the Tumen Ekh Ensemble, Mongolia; Roy Hart vocal extension in Paris where she became very active in Paris' Slam scene; Lecoq based theatre at London International School of Performing Arts; and directed and performed as part of the KyoRyuKan experimental theatre company in Kyoto, Japan. Her plays to date include, Fine Dining, Saoshyant, The Valiant General, Games of Waste, Four Horsemen And the Fish, and Queen of the Whores. A Hole in my Heart - Dir: Lukas Moodysson, 2004 - (98min) From his debut feature, Fucking Amal, Swedish director Lukas Moodysson has always pushed boundaries in terms of subject matter, but his most recent , A Hole In My Heart, is by far his most transgressive. Shot under extreme secrecy and set in a dingy suburban apartment, the film features some of the most shocking and unsettling images in recent memory. Moodysson focuses on Rickard and his painfully shy son Eric, who spends most of his days holed up in his room, listening to spectacularly abrasive industrial music, presumably in an attempt to drown out what's going on in the rest of the apartment. His father, an amateur pornographer, is shooting his latest opus with a friend Geko and a young woman named Tess. As the trio gets drunk and more used to each other they lose what little inhibitions they had - and their behaviour grows more and more disturbing. Suffused with a near apocalyptic rage, A Hole in My Heart is a deeply courageous and disturbing film by one of international cinema's most exciting young filmmakers. It is definitely not for the squeamish. In a world overflowing with shit this film just tells it like it is.

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