This is the double launch event for Isabel Waidner's queer avant-garde novel Gaudy Bauble (Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2017) and Richard Dodwell's (ed.) 'Not Here, a queer anthology of loneliness' (Pilot Press, 2017).

With readings by Richard Dodwell, Olivia Laing, Isabel Waidner, Eley Williams, Timothy Thornton, an improv Q&A, a pop up queer art gallery and a live DJ set by  Chapter 10's Charlie Porter.

About 'Gaudy Bauble' (Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2017)

"I'm besotted with this beguiling, hilarious, rollocking, language-metamorphosing novel. The future of the queer avant-garde is safe with Isabel Waidner." Olivia Laing

'Gaudy Bauble' stages a glittering world populated by Gilbert & George-like lesbians, GoldSeXUal StatuEttes, anti-drag kings, maverick detectives, a transgender army equipped with question-mark-shaped helmets, and pets who have dyke written all over them. Everyone interferes with the plot. No one is in control of the plot. Surprises happen as a matter of course: A faux research process produces actual results. A digital experiment goes viral. Hundreds of lipstick marks requicken a dying body. And the Deadwood-to-Dynamo Audience Prize goes to whoever turns deadestwood into dynamost. Gaudy Bauble stages what happens when the disenfranchised are calling the shots. Riff-raff are running the show and they are making a difference.

About 'Not Here, a queer anthology of loneliness' (Pilot Press, 2017)

Poets, activists, writers and artists respond to what it means to be lonely in 2017. Contributors include porn actor Colby Keller, writer Olivia Laing, artist Marc Hundley, librettist Alice Goodman, poet Timothy Thornton, anti-drag performer David Hoyle & many more. Curated by Richard Dodwell.

Image credits: Victoria Brown & heretik.radikal