c. Allen Ginsberg Estate

Doors 7:30pm Tickets £7 advance (CLICK HERE) £8.50 on the door

This event honours The Final Academy which took place in London 30 years ago this October, and which featured William Burroughs, Brion Gysin, 23 Skidoo, and Psychic TV.

Organised by Joe Ambrose, FINAL ACADEMY / 2012 will feature :

The movie Words of Advice; On the Road with William Burroughs

Language Virus by Raymond Salvatore Harmon with music by Philippe Petit,

William Burroughs, 1914-1997 by Gerard Malanga

Spoken word performance by Scanner and others.

FINAL ACADEMY / 2012 wll be marked by the pubication of Academy 23, an anthology edited byMatthew Levi Stevens featuring Joe Ambrose - Bee (ex-Getting the Fear, Futon, Club Rehab, and former Psychic TV associate) - Michael Butterworth & John Coulthart of Savoy Books - Fritz Catlin (23 Skidoo, Last Few Days) - Emma Doeve - Paul A Green ('Babalon', 'The Qliphoth') - Phil Hine (noted Chaos Magician) - Spencer Kansa ('The Wormwood Star') - Cabell McLean (companion & student of William S. Burroughs) - journalist John May ('The Generalist') - Jack Sergeant ('Naked Lens: Beat Cinema') -  John Balance (Coil) and unpublished interviews with William S. Burroughs and Terry Wilson.

Soundtrack for the event provided by Testing Vault, Plague Doctors featuring DJ Mix by DJ Raoul, Islamic Digger No1. One Way, Alma featuring Joe Ambrose.


Words of Advice ( Dir. Lars Movin, Steen Møller Rasmussen) features previously unseen footage of Burroughs on tour in the late 80s, plus rare home movies of Burroughs in Kansas towards the end of his life. Contributors include Patti Smith John Giorno, Islamic Diggers, and Bill Laswell.

Scanner is one of the leading electronic musicians of his generation. In 2004 he was commissioned by Tate Modern to create thir first sonic art work. He is a contributing editor to

Raymond Salvatore Harmon is a distinguished American graffiti atist, painter, and filmmaker. Utilizing new media, urban art, and interactive architecture in coordination with public performance, graffiti style ad bombing, and web based social engineering Harmon's work has carved out an over arching form of contemporary media insurgency.

Gerard Malanga was, according to the New York Times "Warhol's most important associate." A poet and photographer, Malanga's best known photographs feature his friends Iggy Pop, William Burroughs, and Bob Dylan.

Joe Ambrose directed the movie Destroy All Rational Thought featuring William Burroughs and co-prodced the album 10% featuring Marianne Faithfull, John Cale, Paul Bowles, William Burroughs, and Scanner.