Feminists For Ferguson


Image by William Lukas

Doors 6pm £3 on the door

From Tottenham to Ferguson, black youth have risen up to reject the growing tide of police repression, racism and economic deprivation. These rebellions around the world speak to a global resistance to systematic injustices among poor and working class. HYSTERIA wishes to emphasise that the struggle is also a feminist concern, intertwined with many other socio-economic struggles.

This EVENT is meant to build solidarity globally; to support the work of youth mobilising in Ferguson; an effort to analyse, question and dismantle systems of oppression. We present artists, activists, poets in support of the resistance:

Shanice Octavia McBean // Bridget Minamore // Onysha D Collins // Dr. Suzella Palmer // Sons of Malcolm // Kush Thompson // Cameron Kinker - From St. Louis Students in Solidarity // Rae Landahl Llorin // Rachael Minott // Annesha Parkinson // Pauline Cutler // Deborah olakigbe // Emily Pope