Dashiell Hammett Night

Saturday 19th May 20078pm-11.30pm Tickets: £8 Hammett Story Agency presents A literary tribute to the author of "Red Harvest", "The Maltese Falcon", "The Glass Key" and "The Thin Man". There will be live readings of extracts from Dashiell Hammett's novels and stories by UK authors Martyn Waites ("The White Room", "Bone Machine"), Cathi Unsworth ("The Not Knowing"), Ken Hollings ("Destroy All Monsters") and Max Decharne' ("Hardboiled Hollywood") + Rare screening of the 1942 classic "The Glass Key" "The Glass Key is based on the popular Dashiell Hammett novel, and follows the story of Paul Madvig (Brian Donlevy) a once-corrupt politician who's decided to give up his past and join forces with Ralph Henry, a respectable candidate in an upcoming election. However, Madvig's crooked history is hard to forget when he finds himself at the centre of a murder plot. In this early collaboration between Donlevy, Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake, unforgettable performances and masterful directing by Stuart Heisler make this a truly classic film noir." + Blues 20s/30s style from the Sandy Dillon Speakeasy Quartet: The band is: Sandy Dillon pump organ/vocals Ray Majors banjo/uke/dobro Michael J Sheehy mandolin/percussion Ed Harcourt saw/trombone/percussion Sandy Dillon is a masterful rock and blues singer with four albums on Bjork's One Little Indian label: www.indian.co.uk For more information or interview requests contact Jay Clifton, director of this event, at hammettstoryagency@hotmail.co.uk For background of other literary events arranged by The Hammett Story Agency visit www.tightlip.co.uk