CUT! Vol. 6

Bizarre presents a FREE screening of THE LAST VICTIM a riveting journey into the mind of killer clown, John Wayne Gacy. This is an EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW, as the film is not officially released in UK cinemas until 7th March 2011 – so SEE IF FIRST AT CUT!

Since CUT! launched in August 2010, we’ve made it our mission to screen EXCLUSIVE ADVANCE PREVIEWS of some of the most horrific, arty, and downright weird movies around – all accompanied by FREE BEER and with every attendee getting entered into a FREE PRIZE DRAW to win a goodie bag bulging with DVDs, plus a box of assorted BIZARRE crap we’ve found lying around the office.

The response has been nothing short of PHENOMENAL – SO JOIN US AND SEE WHAT ALL THE FUSS IS ABOUT!


MOVIE: THE LAST VICTIM: A riveting journey into the mind of killer clown, John Wayne Gacy – see below for full review. This is an EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW, as the DVD is not officially released until 7th MARCH 2011. SEE IF FIRST AT CUT!


TIME: 7:30pm – 10:30pm (film starts at 8pm sharp)


To get on the FREE GUEST-LIST, YOU MUST EMAIL – DO NOT just click 'attending' on the CUT! Facebook page, as this WILL NOT get you into the screening.

We will email you to confirm your place on the guest-list. If for some reason you can no longer attend the event, can you please email no later than TUESDAY 8TH FEBRUARY and let us know, so that we can allocate your seats to other people –because we always get more guest-list requests than we can cater for.

Now for that spoiler-free lowdown on THE LAST VICTIM from BIZARRE’s notorious FILM EDITOR and your CUT! HOST, BILLY CHAINSAW.

“Fans of true crime docudramas will go nuts over this riveting journey into the mind of killer clown, John Wayne Gacy – who was executed in 1994 for the rape and murder of 33 young men.

Based on Jason Moss’s non-fiction book of the same name, it’s a stark recollection of how the author began corresponding with the incarcerated nutjob as part of his college thesis. Posing as a troubled young street hustler from a dysfunctional family, the then 18 year old quickly forged a bond with Gacy. Unfortunately it was one that almost destroyed him.

While Gacy’s already been the subject of several features, what sets director Svetozar Ristovski’s slow-burning thriller apart is its focus on the killer’s psychological make-up rather than his heinous acts. Tapping into his deranged brain proves far more disturbing and involving than a bunch of gory re-enactments, filling you with a sense of dread that increases as the tension between the two protagonists mounts. Of course, a narrative based on the long-distance relationship between these complex characters, and the mind games they play, relies heavily on the key actors’ performances, and it’s here that the film excels: The Devil’s Rejects’ William Forsythe is menacingly powerful as Gacy, while The Uninvited’s Jesse Moss’s transformation from arrogant student into someone with homicidal tendencies is as credible as the overall project.”