Cellorhythmics WCMO

Friday 4th SeptemberDoors: 7:30 £7.50 and £6.50 concessions WCMO "Squeaky Singles" plus "Charon", a short film by Chiara Ambrosio (produced by Michael Nyman) bingo2.jpg Cellorhythmics WCMO ( Working Classical Music Orchestra) return to the Horse Hospital after two years of performing their groundbreaking Cellorhythmics Acoustic Project featuring eleven exceptional musicians from the worlds of jazz, classical and experimental pop. Their next venture - "Squeaky Singles" - is a multifarious blend of 50's and 60's pop instrumentals, contemporary classical and jazz condensed into a 3 minute pop single format. Also featuring guest artists - "Dave Hindermiff and the Tritones" and Andrew Bailey, an extraordinary surreal comedian, who will join WCMO for the premier of "Nine Bagatelles for Chamber Group, bingo caller and terminally ill patient". "CHARON". Charon, the mythic demon sailor over the river Styx, sets off on a journey to recover his mortality. He renounces his role as ferryman for the dead and sails away on a sea of oblivion in search for the archetypical home, the mythical place of his childhood where he can finally abandon his boat and die. This film is about memory, mortality and time. www.wcmorchestra.com