Thursday 12th November - Sunday 15th NovemberDOORS OPEN 7:15PM SHOWING 8:00PM QUID IN SHRAPNEL PRODUCTIONS Presents CALL OF THE HUNTER - LONDON PREMIERE IMBD04.jpg Plot Summary In the summer of 1962, three teenagers went on a camping trip into Herongate Woods. What started out as a fun trip ended in a nightmare as one of the boys met with a tragic death. The other two escaped, but could only relay a tail of a hooded and horned man who terrorized them. Forty years later, Caroline (one of the survivors) meets with a mysterious and tragic death. Ralph now the only survivor returns to the scene of the original incident with a documentary crew intent on filming the Legend of Herne the Hunter. As he relives the unfortunate episode the past catches up with him and members of the crew die in horrible circumstances. The hooded man has returned and the spirit of the forest has been awoken. The survivors are on a desperate search to find what the spirit of the forest wants before it's too late. BOOKINGS: quid in shrapnel.jpg