Café Scientifique

Monday 26th OctoberDoors: 7:30pm FREE Café Scientifique presents 'Making Noise', a night of perceptual exploration. Join our scientists, artists and musicians as we ask the questions: When does noise gain meaning? And - Are we nearly cyborgs? Short talks: Dr Mick Grierson's demo of his computer brain interface - generating noise environments from brain waves! Patrick Degenaar, on visual prosthetics for augmented vision - and the prospects for bionic eyes Lauren Stewart on what our brain does with music, and why some people (with amusia) just don't get it. Joydeep Bhattacharya on why sounds stir our emotions. Also: Strings - an interactive sonic textile installation you can play. Make You Own Damn Instruments workshop with Ella & Iain from Shootin' Breeze and Electronic music by From Honey to Ashes with their custom built sound environments Myspace There will be talks and there will be sounds. Take some in and make your own! This events is FREE and is sponsored by BIS as part of The Learning Revolution Festival.