DOORS 7:30pm

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Concessions: £5 HERE

Tickets £7.50 on the door

JAMROZY (Test Dept architect)


'Ballad of Reading Gaol - The Cacofonietta'

A satellitic production

Paul Jamrozy - Laptop/Launchpad/Voice/Percussion

Roz Corrigan - Piano/Keyboards/Gramophone

Alistair Adams - Pipes

'Grassy' Noel Macken - Poem

Agent Simon - Live visual mix

'Scratch Attitude' will also perform live

Also performing: ‘VERTECHXT’ formerly known as ‘Scratch Attitude’ are a duo that perform short, sharp, pieces of beat’n’word, utilising megaphones, art canvases and live drums. Past performances include Tate Britain, St Martins College of Art Window Gallery, and The Foundry in east London.

C.3.3. is a project inspired by Jamrozy’s experience working in Her Majesty’s Prison Reading on music projects with young offenders. Tracing the history of the location through to the present current political and social situation, the performance invokes the harsh realities of Victorian and modern day Britain.

The title C.3.3. is drawn from the cell number where the literary figure Oscar Wilde was incarcerated in Reading Gaol under gross indecency charges. C.3.3. was the pseudonym used for the publication ‘The Ballad of Reading Gaol’ a poem about the execution of a fellow inmate and former soldier.

The performance draws upon the writings of Wilde's poem and the horrors of prison life for a condemned man, as a metaphor for the universal predicament of all humankind. It references philosopher Michel Foucault's 'Discipline and Punish' with it's theories on 'the history of the institution', 'architectures of surveillance' and 'schools of crime'. This soundscape is an analogue and digital fusion animated with film and slide, including rare images drawn from local history archives.

C.3.3. - Ballad of Reading Gaol - The Cacofonietta

(Released June 2011)