Buried Issue 4 Launch


Image: Hal Sear

DOORs 7:30pm FREE

The Horse Hospital is very pleased to host the launch of Issue 4 of Buried, a heavy metal fanzine like no other.

Rejecting Xerox Zine aesthetics, Buried is a Fanzine that aims to deliver something akin to a medieval illuminated text. However, the DIY principle that undergirds all Zines is still firmly in place; Buried is filled with original artwork and exclusive interviews, and each edition is hand bound into hardback books.

This Fourth volume focusses on the best of the brutal, slamming, death metal scene in Europe. Buried 4 features in-depth interviews with many leaders of this European scene – Wormed, Decaying Purity and 7HTarget. As well as interviews, Buried continues to be a platform for creative writing on morbid themes.

In Buried 4 Tai Shani and playwright L.H.H contribute magnificent pieces. And as a very special event for the evening, there will be a live performance of Contemporary Artist Tai Shani’s hyper gory Buried commission 7 Darknesses.