Springboard Media presents:BLOOD EXHIBITION... a London wide, science & community collaboration of FILM, DESIGN, FASHION & DANCE hh3.jpg PRIVATE/PRESS VIEW: FRIDAY 6th February OPEN TO PUBLIC: SAT/SUN (7th-8th Feb) 11.00 am - 5.00pm 'Blood' is a culmination of a years' work in which young people (under 25) investigate the fascinating liquid that unites us and yet simultaneously has the power to divide us. "It's not just vampires & disease, through this project I now see blood as a positive thing" Dance student, Matthew Bradbury, 20. From Lady Macbeth to leeches, blood and diseases >> HEP C / SICKLE CELL / HIV "When you're having a crisis it's one of those pains you can't describe. Some sicklers describe it like a hammer beating down on your limbs. The other day when I had a crisis I described it as a saw, someone just sawing at my knee." Nordia James, diagnosed with Sickle Cell at six years old. 'Blood' is supported by a Wellcome Trust Arts Award. For more information on Blood, please contact Matt Bray at Springboard Media / 020 7527 7014