Wednesday 30th May 2007Doors 7:30pm £7/£5 members & concessions Insult to Injury Burke Roberts, 58 min 2006 In the height of the great depression, a white racist loses his foot to the iron wheel in an attempt to hop a fast moving train. When pulled to saftey by an idealistic black doctor, a clash of wills ensues - each man believing he is being tested by god and the other is the devil. This film is a metaphor for the current global turmoil - referencing the heated climate between Mid-East and Western world fanaticism. INSULT TO INJURY examines how truly abstract and case specific are the concepts of "right" and "wrong". Some of an Equation Burke Roberts, 8min 2007 Soundtrack by The McCarricks One long shot film. How very very wrong things can go in only 5 minutes. Burke Roberts grew up on a ranch in Colorado, the opposite of an urban cowboy: he was a rural punk. He found himself fighting the tide in Hollywood by eighteen, and quickly decided he was not interested in conforming - or auditioning - for the mainstream....a novel idea in the 'city of angels'. Enduring endless naysayers, he triumphantly created very high production value short films on impossible shoestring budgets. In the current explosion of guerilla film, Roberts could even be considered 'oldschool' - pioneering unique underground films in Los Angeles years before pro-sumer equipment brought D.I.Y. filmmaking to the masses.

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