The Horny House of Horror!  A Sex-And-Gore Spectacular

Doors 7:30pm

Click HERE for tickets £10/£8 Concessions (Student/Unemployed/Sex Worker/Artist)

Award-Winning Smut-Peddlars ARTWANK present: The Horny House of Horror!  A Sex-And-Gore Spectacular

In spurting, thrashing, freaky celebration of all that is dark and nasty we'll be bringing you an extra-specially gratuitous ArtWank this month, and our gorgeously gory headliner is none other than international aerial pin-up Roxy Velvet!

A foul and violent nurse with a more-than-academic knowledge of the human body Roxy will be treating ArtWank to a rare ground-based graphic performance....quivver weaklings!

This month we'll be blurring the lines between sex and violence onscreen and we'll be bringing to light some forgotten classics of horror as well as our trade-mark cocktail of bizarre and beautiful antique smut.

Absolutely 18+

Dressing Up Is Highly Encouraged and Shall Be Rewarded!

Hints for costume:

Japanese gore flicks- Tokyo Gore Police, The Audition, Horny House of Horror (all of which we'll be screening extracts from), Hammer Horror- blood spattered nighties, doctors and nurses, were-babes and pin-up vampires. Sex-mutants, letcherous clowns, brothel madams, Close Encounters of The Perv Kind. Blood-thirsty sirens, cleaver-wielding butchers, succubi, failed genetic experiments. Flasher macs and razor stilettos.